Sopran R1 [Canceled]

Sopran R1 is meant to be a homebrew-webbrowser for Sony PSP. It was designed to replace the embarassing built-in PSP webbrowser. But since I decided to stop PSP development I also stopped working on Sopran. However, Sopran is available in work-in-progress (W.I.P) revision 6. The template engine is almost fully integrated, coming along with a pretty nice design. Typing is much easier due to the embedded Danzeff OSK. Tabbed browsing is also supported and you can establish connections to websites. The main thing that is missing is the HTML-Renderengine. So far, below is a list of embedded features:

  • tabbed browsing (unlimited amount of tabs)
  • built-in Danzeff OSK for easy typing
  • Views to be included: HTML render, Text, HTML DOM Tree, Sourcecode
  • Additional features to be included: Bookmarking system, Notes, Transfers

Feel free to download the latest W.I.P version. You can, of course, use code, improve your lua skills or you can even continue developing (that would be great). But don't forget to give me some credits for the hard work ;)

Download: Sopran R1 #WIP 6