incLib [Canceled]

incLib gives you the ability to run PSP Luaplayer code, no matter if old or new one, on all homebrew-enabled PSPs using PGELua Wrapper. So you can run deprecated and old luascripts on all kinds of PSPs (the PSP has to be homebrew-enabled, once again!), and you can also run LuaplayerHM-based scripts on the faster and much more stable PGELua. And all of this with the help of the incLib. Just "dofile" or "require" the incLib at the startup of the lua script and there you go...

  • incLib offers Luaplayer emulation on PGELua
  • incLib brings your old scripts back to life
  • incLib is free and OpenSource?

Due to the poor performance, the project has been canceled and the development has been terminated. However, incLib was in a advanced state and there was a huge amount of functions included. If you want to learn/use/whatever things related to the incLib, feel free to download the latest W.I.P-file!

Download: incLib #WIP 12

You want to see incLib running? Check out the demonstration video on Youtube, where you can see the old Bermuda Creative Suite 3 emulated in PGELua: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMm6z2lhRyw

incLib is also available on Googlecode: http://code.google.com/p/inclib/