Pocketmon Quecksilver

Pocketmon Quecksilver used to a big community project of the greatest german PSP community called PSPSource.de. I was leading the whole project and was working side by side with a PSPSource.de-User called Basecamp. The community participated in making suggestions, pointing out improvements, creating designs and the "Pocketmons". Every diligent participant got the honour to be part of the game either as a Pocketmon or as another character.

As you might already have guessed it is sort of a clone of the famous Pokemon for the Sony PSP. However It's a kind of a more bloody one. And of course it is nothing professional, it was a huge fun project ;)

But we did a good job anyway. 16000 lines of code. Honestly, we are allowed to praise ourselves :P

Download: Pocketmon Quecksilver