»Playstation Portable«

Motion Pong

Neoflash made me a favour and sent one of their PSP Motion Kits before really handing it out to the masses. So I developed a small game for testing and demonstration purposes called Motion Pong. It is a simple pong-game with a luminous design, however you do not control the paddles with help of the arrow-keys. Instead one must plug in the Neoflash PSP Motion Kit and can control his paddle by gravity ;)

Tilt and flip your PSP to win!

I also made a video, you may watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQS_nSVSSy4

Download: Motion Pong 0.1 Download: Motion Pong 0.2

Dow! Develop on the go

Yep, you heard right. It's an application for developing right on your PSP. - At the moment you can write LUA-Scripts in the selfmade editor and with the help of codesnippets. And of course you can safe them :D

Changelog: - now compatible with PSP Slim and PSP Fat - improved menu-function - increased the horizontal menu - added tons of codesnippets for all different luaplayers - insert your own commands - insert your own presets - insert your own functions - added presets - added functions - fixed filebrowser bug - fixed OSK - fixed scrolling - loading previous saved files works now - improved saving files - added editable config.cfg

Download: Dow! Develop on the go 0.1 Download: Dow! Develop on the go 0.2 Download: Dow! Develop on the go 0.2 Sourcecode

Eb0X Portable Eboot Extractor

Eb0x v1.0 stands for "Eboot Extractor v1.0" and it is - hell freezes over - an eboot extractor! With help of this nifty application you can extract the content of an EBOOT.PBP. For example you can extract the preview-pictures or thumbnails out of an EBOOT.PBP. For desktop platforms there's already several applications just for that purpose, such as PBP Unpacker or SeiPSPTool. However, in contrast to the computer applications Eb0x can extract the data right on your PSP.

At the moment Eb0x can only extract the following files: - Icon0.png - Pic1.png - Param.sfo - Data.psp

Snd0.at3 and .psf-videos are not yet extractable. There may be some bugs in Eb0x v1.0.

Download: Eb0x v1.0


BermudaOSK is a virtual keyboard, actually developed for Bermuda CS 9 (before version 9, the FuzzieBoard by Fuzzie360 has been used) and Dow! - Develop on the go, programmed in LUA and meant as a LUA Library for developers.

BermudaOSK has lots of advantages, not just towards the original SonyOSK, but also towards the other (LUA) OSK's: - it is very fast and very easy to use - does not just contain simple symbols, but also lots of special symbols (small letters, capital letters, special symbols, numbers, ...) - very easy to implement into your own script - got a nice design(which can be changed manually)

Download: BermudaOSK 1.1