BermudaOSK is a virtual keyboard, actually developed for Bermuda CS 9 (before version 9, the FuzzieBoard by Fuzzie360 has been used) and Dow! - Develop on the go, programmed in LUA and meant as a LUA Library for developers.

BermudaOSK has lots of advantages, not just towards the original SonyOSK, but also towards the other (LUA) OSK's: - it is very fast and very easy to use - does not just contain simple symbols, but also lots of special symbols (small letters, capital letters, special symbols, numbers, ...) - very easy to implement into your own script - got a nice design(which can be changed manually)

Download: BermudaOSK 1.1

PSPSLX - PSPSource.de Lexicon Portable

PSPSLX (or PSPSource.de Lexicon Portable) is the portable homebrew version of the PSPSource.de PSP Lexicon. It contains over 500 entries containing information about the PSP. PSPSLX comes along with a nice GUI designed by Basti93 (http://sebastianhomeier.de), is very easy to use and quite powerful. You can browse through all the lexicon-entries, view every entry, whose text is wrapped by a self-written text-wrapper, and view specific pictures related to the entry. The lexicon itself is read and parsed by a self-written powerful (I'd carefully say) XML-Parser, which is the powerful search engine of the application itself. To keep sure you always have the latest version of the lexicon you can update the database and the pictures anytime you want via a Wifi-Update!

Download: PSPSLX 2 - PSPSource.de Lexicon Portable 2

Neoflash Spring Coding Competition 2008

My success in the previous competition raised my motivation even further. In spring 2008 I decided to participate in the Neoflash Spring Coding Competition 2008 not just with one application, but with two. And I won with both of them.

I became 1. place in the PSP app division with my homebrew "Dow! 0.2 - Develop on the go" and 10. place in the PSP game division with my homebrew game "Motion Pong 0.2". So I won $300 cash and was allowed to choose one prize out of the prize list.

There are a lot of people I would like to thank, because they supported me and helped me a lot: Thanks to Pr0nt0, FloXxX, homj, Joshi, Shoesy, Splitti, Dr. Neo, and many more for supporting me. Please forgive me if I forgot to mention somebody...Great thx to u as well!

PSPSource.de Summer Coding Competition 2007

Encouraged by the Neoflash Compo, I decided to participate in the PSPSource.de Summer Coding Competition 2007. It was an awesome competition.

With the help of my PSP homebrew drawing application "Bermuda CS 8" I reached the first place. So I won a 8GB Memorystick Pro Duo and a Burnout Dominator PSP Game!