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Things i've been busy with in the PSP Hacking Scene...

PSPSLX - PSPSource.de Lexicon Portable

PSPSLX (or PSPSource.de Lexicon Portable) is the portable homebrew version of the PSPSource.de PSP Lexicon. It contains over 500 entries containing information about the PSP. PSPSLX comes along with a nice GUI designed by Basti93 (http://sebastianhomeier.de), is very easy to use and quite powerful. You can browse through all the lexicon-entries, view every entry, whose text is wrapped by a self-written text-wrapper, and view specific pictures related to the entry. The lexicon itself is read and parsed by a self-written powerful (I'd carefully say) XML-Parser, which is the powerful search engine of the application itself. To keep sure you always have the latest version of the lexicon you can update the database and the pictures anytime you want via a Wifi-Update!

Download: PSPSLX 2 - PSPSource.de Lexicon Portable 2

Bermuda CS

Bermuda CS stands for Bermuda Creative Suite and is a homebrew application for the Sony PSP. It had been in revision for quite a long time, thus there are many different versions available. After 13 different versions and many improvements in development it finally reached Bermuda CS 9CF. Afterwards, I started working on Bermuda CS 10, but I decided to leave the PSP scene, so I never finished this version. The last and final one is, as mentioned before, Bermuda CS 9CF.


Bermuda CS 9 CF

Bermuda CS 9 Slim

Bermuda CS 9

Bermuda CS 8

Bermuda CS 7 Patched

Bermuda CS 7

Bermuda CS 6 Pro

Bermuda CS 6 Lite

Bermuda CS 5

Bermuda CS 4

Bermuda CS 3

Bermuda CS 3 Beta

Bermuda CS 2

Bermuda CS